Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More and more yellow caps! Fifth "TOP UP YOUR LIFE WITH POSITIVE!" promotion

Dear partners! 

“Top up your life with positive!” promotion winners showered at us like being from the sac full of wonders!

Our clients already know about the event, carefully investigate their bills and terminals’ screens and prefer to pay for services only through NT.Payments terminals. 

Fifth set of prizes has found the owner in Mussafah. He was 46 years old Yasin Bashe from Somali.

NT.Payments task group immediately moved to the victory place with full hands with presents for our winner and shop owner! A crowd of merry passers were already waiting for us gathered to watch the rewarding ceremony! 

First we’d helped Yasin to use his present certificate 

and then we handed a present bag to the shop owner! 

Look at these people’s faces! If it’s true that laughing and smiling prolong life so a couple of extra years is also included in our present packages! 

So the promotion is in full swing and the country is filling with smiling happy people wearing NT.Payments branded caps! 

Whether is still ahead! Don’t miss the news! 
NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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