Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New set of smiles from the seventh "Top up your life with positive!" promotion winner!

Dear partners! 

You even cannot imagine the whole quantity of happiness that “Top up your life with positive!” promotion’s rewarding ceremonies bring to our clients! 

When the size of trade square is not big enough for all those people who want to see the lucky winner with the winning transaction number they gather near the entrance to the shop, look through the windows, applaud and congratulate the winner! And by the way we were right about the congratulating team on duty in Mussafah – we were again called from there! But from another shop. 

This time the winner became 20 years old Muhmmad-Nakash Muhmmad-Banayas from Pakistan! 

NT.Payments team came to the place the same evening to congratulate Muhmmad-Nakash who really had a good reason for happiness and excellent mood. In a hot July summer day Muhmmad-Nakash had run to the nearest shop to put some money on his mobile phone account. He was very surprised to see a winning announcement surrounded with merry smiles on the terminal’s screen! 

Another happy with this winning person was the owner of the shop – Muhammedrafi B, who was given a bright present basket! 

Generally the month of Ramadan in Arab Emirates is considered to be a magic time, when wonders happen and the feeling of celebration is all around! And we’re very happy with NT.Payments also being involved into this wonderful atmosphere bringing smiles and happiness to our partners and clients. 

So we’ve handed the seventh presents set and we’ve tied ribbons on the eighth one! Looking forward to the call from the following winner! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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