Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"TOP UP YOU LIFE WITH POSITIVE!" promotion second winner

Dear partners!

Our “Top up your life with positive!” promotion is now in full play and is becoming more and more popular! 

The ceremony of our second winner’s reward has turned into a real show! This time it was 35 years old Indian Haneefa K.P. Kappanakkal Pattilath’s transaction number that had won the promotion. People passing by were greatly interested in what was happening, congratulated the winner, made photos and applauded! 

Haneefa himself was sincerely rejoicing and really was topping his evening up with positive! NT.Payments representative handed him a present – a 50 AED certificate for terminal’s services’ payment, a branded NT.Payments cap and a T-shirt. 

Random passers were gathering more and more. They were asking about terminals and our specialists made an improvised master class about how to use an e-office. 

Also our traditional present basket was given to the shop owner in Baniyas where the wined terminal is set up. 

People say that the best parties occur when they are not planned at all. Spontaneously gathered passers and shop customers were rejoicing together with the winner, were asking about the promotion, payment system and services provided by NT.Payments. People were smiling and really enjoying the event! 

So the winner’s reward turned in to a big portion of positive life topping that was enough to top everybody’s life up with positive that time! And it was especially pleasant for us to hand the presents and realize that our payment terminal can change a simple Saturday evening into a merry party! It’s less than a week passed from the moment of out promotion’s start but we’ve already presented positive in Shahama and Baniyas. Where are we going to bring good mood next time? Follow the news and we’ll tell you everything! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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